Why should we use the command line?

Well Oliver, as soon as you are starting automated or scheduled tasks, for instance file operations, checking backup logs and email them somewhere you need command line apps. My App Data-Reader (www.data-reader.de) collects such data, creating charts and saving them in local database or jpg images all unattended via command line scripts/ batchfiles.

TBH, I may have wrote a misleading title but I do understand the usefulness of a command line however I hate it when developers tell you that you have write a whole bunch of commands in the command line to set things up when you are looking for the commands to be fully automated.

For example, I might feel like I will go and watch a youtube video on how to install a certain piece of software, the commands won’t mean much if I am not looking for anything more than an non-customized and simple installation. In this case, writing commands into the command line seems pointless.