Why on resize are buttons locked together

This window has 2 buttons that are somehow locked / grouped together after resize.
I tried reordering them to see if that would change it and it didn’t.
Code for placement:

ProcessButton.Left = (0.75*(ListFiles.Width)) - (ProcessButton.Width/2) DelRowButton.Left = (ListFiles.Width/4) - (DelRowButton.Width/2)
First image is on open. Second is on Maxed. Third is on return to original (when the problem happens).


You probably have the code inside Window.Resizing or Window.Restore?

Window.Resizing doesn’t fire when coming back from a maximise and it looks like you’ve found a race condition/bug in Window.Restore, try adding the code to a method (to avoid code duplication) and call the method from Resizing and Resized.

Thanks. You’re correct. I only had the resized event
BUT Resizing is necessary. I thought I had it in for duplication.