Why not keep Web1?

Big mistake not keeping Web 1.0 and 2.0 both as project types.

Web 2.0 isn’t even done and 1.0 is dead? Why not keep both?


Keep it where?

separate frameworks possibly

kind of like Xojo didwith Carbon & Cocoa when they made that transition
You could pick one or the other until such time as Cocoa was “done”

Is this possible, then, within a single IDE executable? When was the choice between frameworks made? Was it on a project by project basis? Or at install time?

Certainly possible as I worked on that when I was at Xojo and it was all in the IDE
You picked it in a setting when compiling for macOS much like you pick 32 or 64 bit

Well… Web1 was marked as obsolete, would not evolve, so being present in a newest IDE, together with web2, would create an unnecessary overhead. The easiest way to someone maintaining a web1 project is running an old IDE of his/her preference that supports web1.


We had several discussions about that in the testers-section.

Simple and unsatisfying answer: they can not afford.

I tried more than once to convince them that they keep Web 1.0 in newer IDE versions, as a read-only where you can develop on old projects but cannot start a new one.

Today, the Web 2.0 framework is still far away from being in a state where you can start a new project with a professional and commercial purpose.

Thats all very sad.

Well, Web2.0 is making it unneccessary to write web apps with xojo cause to mouch functionality is gone. So for example there is no chance anymore to have a Mouse Down / Pressed event on canvas in web 2.0…it makes it uninterestant for my apps, all of them doing graphics. So: there will not be xojo in the future cause there are languages wich can do this mouch better with consistency. Xojo do not want to holöd consistency.

Please go back to the functionality of xojo web 1.0. It is not an Update (that’s what we pay for) it is a downgrade and a massive loosing of functionality. I can not sell apps wich are not able to do whst they have to do.

But that is xojo: not correcting and fixing, renewing.

XOJO 2020r1 is still in Alpha Phase and not even woth of calling it beta. All web users have this problems with the new Web 2.0 while there is a loss of functionality.



This is “Web2 1.0” :crazy_face: it is full of problems, bugs, missing features. Report them ASAP to get the a better R2 ASAP. Web1 is gone.

Web 1.0 is not gone. You can continue to use 2019R3.2 as long as you want. If in the future there is a new issue contact Xojo directly and discuss the issue. We already found an issue with Apple’s change to identify Ipad safari as desktop and no longer mobile. We discussed it with them and they came up with a solution for us. No not an update to 2019R3 but code we could use to alleviate the issue.

I try but the Feedback System is not working under Ubuntu Focal. It is such a rar distro that there are missing libs cause of errors when programming. Ah. No. Not errors. Features.

If is not really changing or evolving, its not much of overhead, it could be just there,
taking advantage of IDEs bug fixes.

More like “Web2 0.1”

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I know that it doesn’t answer everything, nor do I pretend that it will solve all your frustrations, but I highly recommend that you read this blog post, if you haven’t already.


Well there’s the irony. I would say that the Web 1.0 version is much more user friendly, as the 2.0 version has no labels for the fields, it’s obvious what is a pull-down menu and what is not, it’s obvious which areas you type in and which you don’t. There’s also no scroll bar for the left-column of customers.