Why need a timer in BKeeney_ActiveRecord_Web project?

I plan to use BKeeney ActiveRecord in my web app.
I studied the demo project and noticed a timer at start.

The main web page is not invoke LoadList method in Shown event.
Rather starting a timer then that fire the LoadList.

Thanks in advance

It really doesn’t need the timer any more. That demo was created when the Web target for Xojo was pretty young and a lot of things loaded oddly.

FWIW, if you purchase ARGen and use it generate UI for web projects it does not use a timer. ARGen, in free mode, lets you generate the ActiveRecord classes and 2 tables at a time (no UI though). Even at 2 tables at a time it’s faster than creating the classes by hand.

Wow UI? I did not noticed before. Thank you!

I’ve done a couple of webinars on ActiveRecord. The first is more generic ActiveRecord and the 2nd is more ARGen related and it shows the UI creation.