Why my icons looks so bad?


I’m redoing all my app icons using Apple’s SF Symbols, I created all the requested pictures in PNG format but when I run the app all of them looks soooo bad! Already tried with bigger line widths but still they don’t look good :frowning:

What am I doing wrong?


PS: Hi-DPI option is enabled :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

They are too big. Simple solution: render the pngs at 32x32 (plus 64x64 and 96x96) and they will look much better. More complicated solution: use declares to set the toolbar icon to an NSImage directly from SF Symbols.


Thanks a lot @Thom_McGrath, they look much better now! Still a little bit non antialiased but way better!

You might try 24x24 in that case. Last I knew Mac toolbar icons were 32x32, but I can’t recall if they switched to the smaller size at some point.

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I’ll try, thanks!

This is the intended way to do it. If you want some examples, I have a whole lot in the Ohanaware App Kit App Kit 2021 - Building Better Mac Applications

Most SF Symbols are not square and are uneven sizes, so rasterizing them kinda sucks.

If you have App Wrapper 4, go to “Bundle Contents”, “Add files” section, click on the “+” icon and select SF Symbol. The code in there uses a bunch of tricks to make the symbols look better. In my own testing the ones that are produced with App Wrapper actually look sharper than the real symbols on a 1.0x display.

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Slightly ‘off’ - I’d personally love to make use of the stuff in App Kit and these SF Symbols, but the work involved in then ‘having to do something different’ for Windows chases me away.

I hear you. I am getting an increasing amount of requests to make the App Kit more x-plat. In the custom classes that are mainly my code, I have started this, but feature matching to Apple’s App Kit is going to be hard, especially in cases like this where SF Symbols don’t appear on Windows, so you’d have to rasterize them, embed them back into Xojo, and we only license the images, so Apple might then choose to block your App Store updates for using them on Windows.

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