Why is Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket so slow?

Looking into migrating from 2014r2.1 to 2015r2.4 to get access to the HTTP/1.1-enabled Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket. In a small test, I am download your 16 MB archive of Example Projects file and comparing Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket to HTTPSecureSocket. They both run asynchronously in HTTPS mode and have no other events defined than the PageReceived. The results are amazing and I wonder if this is by design or if there are any problems with Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket that should be looked into or if I am not setting all options correctly.

For HTTPSecureSocket, the download completes in 11.2 seconds but for Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket the same download takes a whooping 53.6 seconds.
While downloading using HTTPSecureSocket the application is responsive and CPU usage “normal” whereas during Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket download, the app appears frozen (progresswheel studders/stops after 10 seconds and then the title bar displays “Not Responding”).

This is on Windows 8.1 / 64-bit / i7 with 16GB RAM

Please file a case in Feedback about this with a sample project. It definitely isn’t by design.

<https://xojo.com/issue/40580> filed

Using the same project I found another issue with the compiler when changing a constant in the app, see this screencast and check if you are able to reproduce it before I file another report. http://screencast.com/t/EdbMNp4Bv0

Did you try our MBS CURL Plugin as an alternative?

Hi Christian,
for this project I have not. I need the WPAD functionality and created my own implementation using WinHTTP to get WPAD and Windows authentication to work (as I wrote in RB-Developer Magazine Article 7210: : Implementing WinHTTP in REALBasic). When I saw that Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket was implemented using WinHTTP (albeit with version 5 it looks like, not version 5.1) I started looking into this, but seems like I stumbled and will continue using my own implementation…