Why is Xojo grabbing 3 licenses?

If I fetch License on Catalina, then it will grab 3 licenses.

I always buy new licenses and not updates…so it should not be taking 3 licenses.

I was running Xojo 2019r1 and it found 3 licenses that are valid for that version and it blatantly took all 3. If I go in the Xojo Web to free up 2 of them, then next time I launch Xojo it will take the other 2.

When you Sign In to the IDE and update your licenses it will grab all the licenses in your account. If you want to use, for example, 1 license on a machine and not on another, you can do the manual activation process. That is download the license file and drag and drop it onto the license key window in the IDE. That will add just the one license.

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Thanks Alyssa

Is super strange but that will work for me.

On 2nd thought then this does not work at all

  1. I remove all 3 Licenses in Xojo,
  2. I deactivate all 3 licenses on the web.
  3. I go in Xojo again, and only add Downloaded license.
  4. I start Xojo again

All 3 licenses are now taken again, it grabs them automatically just by starting up.

My guess: this is because you are still logged in to your Xojo account in Xojo IDE.

Edit: I’m trying to log out from my account but when I run Xojo again I’m automatically logged in. Xojo site is not working for me at this moment.

Edit 2, try this:

  • sign out from Xojo IDE
  • quit Xojo
  • go to Xojo.com and deactivate your computer
  • turn wifi off for your computer
  • manually install your license

Please make sure you are Signed Out of the IDE. If you stay Signed Out it will only use the licenses you drag and drop into the IDE. If you are Signed in, it will “grab” all your current licenses when you launch.

You don’t have to be offline, just Signed Out of the IDE.

*Edited for clarity

After battling this craziness a bit then I think the easiest way to handle it as things are now is to:

  1. Just let it take all 3.
  2. Turn off Xojo
  3. Free up one of the 3
  4. Let other Machine grab the one that got freed.

If that works for you, that’s great!

Just FYI to everyone reading this, if you are Signed In to the IDE, when you launch it will grab all your active (not expired) license keys automatically. To get around this, Sign Out and add the license key file to the IDE manually and then don’t Sign In. And if anyone has any questions about their licenses I’m also at hello@xojo.com and @xojo Happy Friday, Y’all! :slight_smile:


Please tell us that this is an unexpected situation and that it’s being fixed … It’s never done this before.

Never done what before? Xojo has always grabbed all the licenses when you Sign In. And the manual option has always been there for people who want to designate certain licenses to certain machines.

Really? Never seen that. :slight_smile:

To be clear it grabs all the current licenses. But yes.

Maybe this should be fixed ?

Since it makes no sense to grab them all and neither does the Customer nor Xojo good.

Imagine if you were to sell 50 licenses the hassle for the customer for no good reason. Xojo really only needs to grab first valid license.

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It would be really hard if you were managing multiple licenses and developers and that’s why you can assign a license to a developer. https://blog.xojo.com/2013/07/04/assigning-xojo-licenses-to-your-team/

Xojo has ONLY ever grabbed ONE license.

I only see one license grabbed - meaning one of my three - when I Used the “Update” button on the licenses dialog on my system. That one instance never grabbed all three instances.

  • I just tested - and things seem the same.
  • I removed my license from this system
  • I logged into my account and selected “Manage Licenses”
  • I then removed all three assigned licenses
  • I launched 19r3.2
  • It still showed as Pro license
  • I removed that license
  • I then “Added” the license and my Pro license showed up
  • My account, however, shows no licenses assigned when I log out and log back into the site without relaunching the IDE.
  • I launched the latest IDE and the Pro license was still active
  • I removed that license, exited and relaunched Xojo
  • The Pro license was once again active because …

When I then checked the site, ONE license was assigned to this machine

If others are seeing their single instance IDE grab more that one license, that is a bug. Something’s amiss …

I think its different case since my licenses were separate, so not 3 of the same.

So I think if you own one Xojo Pro which gives you 3 install allowances then all is fine, it will only take one of those 3.

Are you having problem with your licenses or building or Signing In? I’m not sure what you are trying to solve here. You only have 1 active license. So it will only grab that license automatically when you Sign In.

Ah - so you have the IDE grabbing one instance from each of your single active licenses?

In that case, that is correct and I’ve seen that too. For instance, if I launch 17r3, the IDE grabs an instance from my licenses from all of the licenses that match the release date of that build or newer.

I’m trying to duplicate @Björn_Eiríksson’s issue.

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