Why is there such a huge price difference with the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W?

There seems a huge price difference with the Raspberry Pi Zero 2W, when I check different sites.
(I checked the prices on Nvember 8th, 2022)

Why would Amazon charge so much for this Pi? :thinking:
Is it a demand / availability issue?

Raspberry Site $15

Farnell €14,87

Reichelt €22

Amazon €115,99

Usually for every article on Amazon, there are people buying them for normal price and putting them in for a higher price. If the normal stock depletes, you can still buy those overpriced ones and make those companies a profit.

In that way, Amazon is broken. You may also find scammers putting in the same article for lower price and never deliver to you.

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That is what I thought.

That actually happened once. I contacted Amazon. But never got my money back, unfortunately.

Be aware that the scammer often may just send something small in a letter to someone in with your zip code, e.g. a school. With the mail receipt from that, they can claim that they delivered to you as usual buyer protection doesn’t look close enough to verify they sent to your exact address and the weight matches.

PS: Someone may move this thread to off-topic category.

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Thanks for pointing that out! The damage on my end was not enormous. But still annoying.

I just marked this as Off Topic :innocent: