Why is MSOfficeAutomation plugin still an rbx file?

Everytime I upgrade Xojo, I have to copy the MSOfficeAutomation.rbx plugin to the plugins folder. And I notice that this plugin is updated (or at least re-compiled) with every new release. So I want to know why this plugin is still in the old rbx format instead of the now-standard-for-years xojo_plugin format? I think it makes Xojo look dated when it can’t shed old formats. Is there something that this plugin does that can’t be replicated in the the new format?

This is not a real plugin.
It’s just a collection of Xojo code packaged in a rbx file, so the format doesn’t really matter.

It matters because it is identified as Real Studio Plugin, it looks “vintage/old”

Can the collection of Xojo code be packed in another type of file that identifies itself as Xojo Plugin?

Interesting. But if the format doesn’t matter, why can’t they change it? Right now this could confuse some users, and harkens back to the old RealBasic days. Also, I can’t find any reference to rbx files in the current documentation except two vague entries that don’t tell you much, which again can lead to confusion.

The format it uses is the old rbx format not the newer xojo_plugin format which is basically a zip file

Thank you Norman for restating the obvious which I covered in my OP, but it doesn’t answer my question.

This is more of a user perspective issue. As Alberto stated, this make it look vintage or dated.

You can create a Feedback case.
Someone @ Xojo can give it a priority.

They may change the new plugin format to house this type of plugin data and adapt.
Or just define a new file type and a new icon for this plugin.

I personally don’t think this is important.

[quote=430705:@Christian Schmitz]You can create a Feedback case.
Someone @ Xojo can give it a priority.[/quote]
Yes, I know. I just wanted to know if there’s a good reason why they’re still using the old format, or if it’s just been overlooked. I don’t want them to spend a lot of resources addressing this, if that’s what it would take. And just submitting a Feedback case won’t necessarily answer that (and usually doesn’t).

Its that way because thats the only way it loads
Its an odd duck as Christian noted

Because it still loads & works and requires no additional investment of time to update it just so it looks “modern” ?

Does the marketing department (is there one?) agree with this?

Nah, The old style and new style formats are build from the same hierarchy, folders in folders, IDE resources, Build resources. The rbx is a virtual volume, the xojo_plugin is a zip file. It’s just laziness. Loading plugins from a zip is significantly faster than from a rbx, which should have been considered a concern, speed wise. Significant differences become noticeable if a plugin comes with the help files (also present in the plugin file structure). From a virtual volume it can take a minute or two, while from the zip it is a breeze.

Only difference in rbx vs the new style is the container around them.

Imagine it as a Exe file that you used to put in .rar file but now you put it in .zip file.

When you extract the archive then it is still same Exe file no matter if the container was rar or zip.

It works as is
There’s no serious pressing issue to change it - its a single plugin that loads so its overall effect on start up performance is incredibly low
There are no help files

Quite honestly if Xojo changed the UTI to have a description of “Xojo Classic Plugin” this entire thread could die and noe one would be the wiser
Thats the ONLY “issue” here