Why is copy paste broke

For the last few version of Xojo Copy and Paste using shortcut keys has been broken.

Not in every field, only some of them.

Does anybody have an idea as to why?

What fields? What is the clipboard content? What platform?

Mac, Text Fields, always text. Some forms have no issue, only some of them have issues.

But which forms? In the IDE or a built application?

Built applications. Most of my users use right click but I have a few that use the Command C/V and they are bitching.

Are you configuring a custom Edit menu that may be clobbering the defaults?

Not that I’m aware, they worked in earlier versions of Xojo. Not sure I know what you mean though.

I think you hit on something. I noticed the edit menu isn’t on one of the forms that doesn’t work.

When you insert a new window, no MenuBar is assigned. You have to do it by yourself.

If you forgot, the MenuItems are not working.

Yea got it. How do you implement the window menu?

By opening the Example in Example Projects > Desktop > Menus > WindowMenu in your copy of the IDE ?

Thanks! You working of retired?

Window2 --> Properties --> MenuBar ?


of = or