Why is 61207 blatantly closed and not ask for more info?

Why is 61207 blatantly closed and not ask for more info ?

61207 - Plugin controls show Help Tag instead of the new Tooltip in property browser

This is a bug and users are complaining about it, I got loads of users on my back because of it, which also happen to be your users !!

  1. Put plugin control on window.

  2. Notice the property browser plugin control will wrongly show “Help Tag” instead of Tooltip

  3. Put something in Help Tag.

  4. Run the project and hoover over the control. Things will not work

  5. Now add open event and do me.Tooltip = “Something”

  6. Run again and things will now work.

You can test this on any 3rd party plugin control. Whatever Xojo’s BevelButton did to avoid this has not been published so we have no way to aboid this.

Stephane said that in b50381 he reproduced the case, but it seemed fixed in b50369.

Ah it may be misunderstanding of how they put it, I am used to get “Fixed in version”

Now, paying attention to the numbers, interestingly the number he said that it’s ok, is lower than the number he said it’s not ok. :thinking:
There’s something weird here. Check it out with the latest one. :wink:

Yes the reply is confusing, but I am confirming it fixed in 2020.