Why don't Apple have a bigger bite?

Completely off topic but I am interested in people’s view on why apple don’t have a bigger share of the Desktop market.

Point 1 I purchased a iMac 4 years ago and abandoned windows. I could do everything I did on Windows the same and even email my documents to friends who are using Windows and they could open them so compatibility is not an issue.

Point 2 I can power up my iMac and i’m good to go in about 20 seconds, 4 years down the line its the same. We all know on Windows you can power up and make a coffee before starting and 4 years down the line if you haven’t defragged your hard drive etc etc you can boot up, go to the gym, have a coffee, read a book and then start work, so in my view performance and longevity of Mac win the day.

Point 3Perhaps this is my answer. After my iMac I got a bit obsessed with Apple, I now have an iMac, MacBook Air, iPad and two iPhones. I also have iEmptyWallet. We all know that Apple hardware is expensive. If I was buying hardware for my employees, I would not opt for Apple due to the hardware costs. In fact I would suggest the appeal in commerce must be limited to people with an aluminium fetish and plenty of money. However, I’m not sure Apple could produce a cheaper range to appeal to the masses and keep up their appearances. Apple is special when it comes to hardware. There is something nice about working on an aluminium pocket rocket as thin as a slice of bread, especially when you are sat next to someone working on a piece of black plastic as thick as a loaf waiting for it to boot up.

Point 4 MacOs must run on Apple Hardware, Windows will run on any old box of tricks. You can go on YouTube and perhaps even ask in this forum and someone has MacOs running on a dell or equivalent but it is not standard. You can buy windows on a CD/DVD and run it on your toaster if you can get it to work but OSX is different. Apple licence only allows MacOs to run on Apple hardware. Perhaps a limiting factor of OSX becoming a leading OS. I’m not really sure of their approach with this, perhaps they really make their money from the hardware as OSX is really just a polished bunch of open source code brought together in a sophisticated manner and finely tuned. On the other hand windows is not, Windows is marketed as an OS not an OS on a fancy bit of hardware. Their money must be made from the OS not from any hardware they make, although they did try with the surface but i’m not sure that actually surfaced. Two very different models though and I wonder if the fruit based one is holding back for a reason.

Microsoft has INERTIA… true it is slowly running out of steam… but even with one epic fail after another… it will be years before they vanish.

Apple is gaining Marketshare… again true it is not huge it is currently 11.5% (per Forbes)… and a few years ago it was below 5% so Apple has doubled their market share over the last 5 years or so. The Top PC seller (HP) is 16.9% of the market.

Of course that all depends on how you look at it… this is Computers (not tablets)… And for the most part… Microsoft is a SOFTWARE company… while Apple is a HARDWARE company (for which they also supply tightly integrated and optimized software).

The other reason is PERCEPTION… a lot of of people believe that Apple is WAY over-priced, and why should they spend $1200 for a computer when Sams Club sells an XYZ PC for $399… (Quality is the first word that comes to my mind… but then that is just me). When I was still in the Windows world… I was replacing my PC every 2-3 years… for two reasons… One is was pretty wore out, and two for $399 at Sams club I could get another. Once I got into the Apple World… I have replaced my computer ONE TIME in the past SEVEN years, and then only because the MacPro I had was not compatible with Mt.Lion.

History and inertia.
MS took over the desktop in the early to mid 90’s when it was “good enough” and has been entrenched ever since.
Apples growth rate on the desktop has outpaced the industry for several years - but a few millions vs hundreds of millions it takes a long time to move the installed base.

Big businesses are reluctant to switch desktops because it costs a LOT of money regardless of which way you switch or what you switch. Just updating from one version of Windows to another can be a huge retraining and software update expense - never mind which machines you might have to replace because they can’t / won’t run the latest version.
I’ve done a few of those kinds of updates & they can be hell on earth.

Its why refresh cycles often skip one (or more) versions

And since MS has been entrenched a lot of “enterprise” software is written to run on Windows & nothing else.
So there’s more inertia.

[quote=49408:@Dave S]
The other reason is PERCEPTION… a lot of of people believe that Apple is WAY over-priced, and why should they spend $1200 for a computer when Sams Club sells an XYZ PC for $399… [/quote]
The easiest way to see that a mac is not over priced is to price out a Hackintosh to run OS X
To do so the specs mostly have to match a Mac exactly and there’s not a lot of price difference
Will be interesting to see what the new Mac Pros are like because pricing out components for those leads me to suspect they are a nice deal (the CPU’s are $800 a piece at least from after market resellers - the GPU’s seems to be about $700+ each)

I’ve replaced my laptop once in 7 years - and that one is still running 10.9 to this day (my daughter has it)

Don’t get me wrong, they are expensive but clearly worth the money

[quote=49414:@Norman Palardy]The easiest way to see that a mac is not over priced is to price out a Hackintosh to run OS X
I’ve replaced my laptop once in 7 years - and that one is still running 10.9 to this day (my daughter has it)[/quote]

r u sure it is 10.9, Norman?? i thought OSX 10.9 is Mavericks

Very sure
I updated it - 8Gb Ram 500Gb hdd and an Intel processor - MacBookPro 5,1
I should say it was 5 years old not 7 (just seemed like 7) I’d purchased it just before starting with Xojo and used it tip just this spring

I have been a Mac user since the late-80s and want to stay with Macs.

But my problem with Macs today, is that I would like a reasonably priced tower… I have a late 2009 27" iMac… If the Disk Drive or power supply goes there is no way I could replace it myself… and that would be even more so in the latest iMac…

Because of Apple prices (And quality!) a Mac typically gets used in my house for 8 years … So I like to buy reasonably beefy machines (which lets out the mini - and I don’t know if Drives are easily replaces in those).

So for an iMac, if a Drive or power supply dies after Applecare expires, it gets expensive to get it swapped out… and and the high end ones are not cheap to start with.

The Monitor on my 27" iMac is great… but Monitors are likely be useful longer that the computer, so a separate one would be better so I don’t need to keep paying for new ones when I don’t need them.

I used to buy the low end Power Macs… If a drive or power supply went it would not have been too hard to fix

But the price of Mac Pros have escalated… And the new Mac Pro will start out at about $3000 and includes 256GB of flash storage, but with no Hard drive … too expensive for me…

I do LIKE my iMac, but i do worry about if investing in them is the right thing.

the mini is a surprisingly powerful little box

[quote=49432:@Norman Palardy]Very sure
I updated it - 8Gb Ram 500Gb hdd and an Intel processor - MacBookPro 5,1
I should say it was 5 years old not 7 (just seemed like 7) I’d purchased it just before starting with Xojo and used it tip just this spring[/quote]

so your daughter is using an old machine with the latest osx and it is still working??

Works fine
Everything back to the Core 2 duo based machines (mini’s & MacBooks) can run Mavericks
Mac models compatible with OS X Mavericks
iMac (Mid 2007 or newer)
MacBook (Late 2008 Aluminum, or Early 2009 or newer)
MacBook Pro (Mid/Late 2007 or newer)
MacBook Air (Late 2008 or newer)
Mac mini (Early 2009 or newer)
Mac Pro (Early 2008 or newer)
Xserve (Early 2009)

I see quite a lot of this :-

MD ,FD. : iPhone , iPad, Mercedes E

Middle managers. : htc , nexus 7, BMW. 3

Other staff : Nokia, byod, ford.

The most common response I get, is that a PC / Android SmartyPhone is half the price of the Apple and can do everything that an Apple can, Apple take the same bits and wrap them in a prettier box…

I’ve wasted much of my life arguing which is better, instead I let Apple devices speak for themselves, I have a 4lb laptop with a 15" Retina screen that is currently giving me close 9 hours battery life… I have a 3 year old iPhone 4 running iOS 7 and the battery lasts for 3 days, my friends Dad just got a Samsung S4 and was pleased the battery lasted 8 hours - seriously! He was quite proud to tell me that he could change the battery (as his was flat), so I asked why doesn’t he… he left the spares at home, so had to use my iPhone!

My wife’s family have gone Apple, even my sister-in-law husband’s family have gone Mac since I met my wife.

Wy are Apple so much more expensive, it’s all the R&D poured into innovation, if it wasn’t for Apple, computers wouldn’t be like they are today and Smartphones would all look like Blackberry (as that’s what Android was designed to destroy originally).

Spec out a Hackintosh and you’ll find that Macs really aren’t THAT expensive for what you get
You just can’t buy a $299 low end laptop or $199 Mac mini


That mini here ( 8Gb RAM + 1 Tb had ) costs 662 excluding taxes & shipping for the parts and hasn’t got an OS or any other stuff OS X comes with. A mini similarly configured costs 699

A lot of the people, whom I’ve argued with in the past (being such a Mac bigot I am), it doesn’t even get that far, but the last debate, I was quite pleased because I proved to the guy that Mavericks increased battery life on the Mac BookAir from 12 hours to 15, and he then turned to calling me names… I tried to get him to calm down, but it was done, he was out of ammo.

How can you beat a FREE OS update that gives you more battery life while still giving you great performance?

And making the iWork suite cheap, web capable etc
Competitors treat Apple like its a software company like many of them they are - but Apple still isn’t
Their software sells their hardware
Although they do book decent revenue from iTunes, app store etc but nothing compared to iPhone, iPad & Mac hardware sales

Just a couple of curious questions from a Windows guy…

I bought a Macbook Pro and tried to work with the operating system. I must say, this is VERY tough to switch. I have had to stop trying to use a Mac due to mere frustration…lol, such as where do I do this (I knew where it is on a Windows machine, but where is it on a Mac???) I thought it was just me being too stubborn, and I let my wife try it for a few months. She gave it an honest try and also gave up and is back on a Windows machine.

Mac Lovers: With your many years of experience, how do you get used to the Mac layout?

Thanks for your helpful suggestions :slight_smile:

Mac folks would ask Windows users the same thing :slight_smile:

About the biggest UI differences are the menu bar is ALWAYS at the top of the screen

What sorts of things did you find hard to find on a Mac ?
I’ve been using them so long I don’t even think about this sort of stuff any longer but I do have to think about it when I switch to using Windows

Windows 8 made it very easy for me and I am sure others to never look back using OS X :slight_smile:

I tried to get used to the mouse/trackpad. It took me a while to find out that two fingers equals a right-mouse-click. LOL, this slow learner just attached a mouse.

A minor change was moving to the upper left instead of upper right hand corner to close a window.

LOL, windows remain open on macs, and the toolbar needs to be clicked to close the program. I had many programs running and was trying to figure out why the computer was soooo slow :slight_smile:

I am well-versed on the command prompt in Windows - and I have no clue about Macs (how do I open one?)

Bootcamp is my friend, as a reboot will get the familiar OS up and running until my patience return :wink:

Finding files seem to be different. I can’t remember what I had to do, but there were hidden files and a key had to be pressed to show certain files (sorry, the terms escape me at the moment).

Installation of a program was rather unique. There was no installation program. Chuckle, I was trying to figure this out and a drag-and-drop was needed after a quick google search.

There are many more things, and this is just a quick overview which took a while to understand/learn.

Just my $0.02 :slight_smile: