Why doesn't this work

I have an update routine that downloads a diskimage and launches an installer. The image file is located on my Xojo cloud.

The url would be: https://data.aspe.org/xo/membertree/Test.txt

This works for me and I sent it to @Jason Parsley and it worked for him and some other people that he sent it to. But this does not work for my users.

In a browser they get This site can’t be reached error.

I am beginning to think it has to do with Xojo being installed.

Can anybody offer some insight as to why this is happeninning?


Could they be using an older, unsupported browser? I tried loading the URL in a Windows XP virtual machine. Using a somewhat up to date version of Firefox, the URL loaded successfully. Using Internet Explorer 8, the URL was unreachable.

Everyone is using Chrome or Safari. It’s just our staff, maybe 6 people.

Only other thought I have: Is the server located on your Local Area Network, with the domain forwarded to your WAN IP? Your router could need a loopback enabled to access the URL while behind the router.

The server is Xojo Cloud, not a local server. Our sub domain data.aspe.org points to our Xojo Cloud.

Using ip address doesn’t work either.

@Greg O’Lone

Any thoughts on this?

IP address won’t work with HTTPS for several reasons:

  • https requires a SSL certificate where the hostname matches the certificate. When you try via IP address, there is no host name
  • many servers do not have dedicated IP addresss, so many servers are running on the same IP. Which server is used is determined by SNI: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Server_Name_Indication

What’s the exact error message? “this site can’t be reached” is vague, and it’s not clear if this is a DNS problem, a certificate issue, or what…

The exact error is:

This site can’t be reacheddata.aspe.org took too long to respond.

Checking the connection
Checking the proxy and the firewall

Not a DNS problem as our apps run fine.

Our Xojo Cloud is a dedicated ip.

Has the IP been changed recently? Could it be a DNS caching issue?

Doesn’t xojo cloud have a very aggressive firewall? Maybe some users are banned?

@jim mckay No I don’t think so. The apps run it’s just the url to the file download.

@Michael Diehr If so I think @Jason Parsley would have mentioned it. I specifically asked if this could be a permissions issue.

[quote=459129:@Richard Albrecht]@Greg O’Lone
Any thoughts on this?[/quote]
Jason is going to contact you directly to get some more site specific information so I can take a peek at it.

I don’t know how the cloud backend works in terms of load balancing, maybe a misconfigured mime type?

I tried the link from windows, and Mac on a variety of browsers.
Its working fine for me, where I am


First access:

200 - https://data.aspe.org/xo/membertree/Test.txt
404 - favicon.ico

Next access:

304 - https://data.aspe.org/xo/membertree/Test.txt
404 - favicon.ico

304 = not modified, you can use the last cached you received.

There’s a lot of non-standard traffic being directed at his Xojo Cloud server and our firewall doesn’t allow that. If this is not something that they can/will correct, we can whitelist the specific IP address for him.