Why did they leave ?

I have been a member and PRO user since 2014 and have registered that a number of skilled xojo users have left the forum…

What do they do now ? And why did they leave?
Offcourse i’m rembering only two persons right now…

@Brad Hutchings
@Alain Bailleul

Sometimes, people get busy or caught up in work, projects, personal events, etc… Doesn’t mean they left, but probably not able to log in like they use to.

Brad left after some fights with other members of the forum. He closed down the site where he was selling Xojo Web classes. Apparently moved on.

Alain Bailleul moved on to another platform entirely, as he had started with to develop for Android, years ago.

Sometimes people disappear and come back later, too.

There seems to be “a lot of” figths…

Many of the members like me don’t have english at their first language.
We don’t know if we affend someone or when some of you are joking about things.

I see very few instances of “fights”, especially since Mr. Hutchings left. He had a rather, shall we say, abrasive style. I find most people here to be patient, helpful, and kind. You’re right about the language issue; occasionally people are not as understanding as they could be in that regard.

I disappeared for a few years because I had no Xojo projects going. Came back last year because I had a new one, and because I finally made the jump from RS to Xojo. Sometimes I even manage to be helpful to someone! The latest project is pretty much done now, but I hang around because I like the community, I always learn stuff, and it’s less stressful than Facebook :slight_smile:

What is that ? Something new ? Something blue ? … :wink:
(joking, of course)

There have been many more, some of whom I still keep in touch with, even after they switched tools or even careers.

However I’ve yet to meet a Xojo developer who’s left for another x-plat tool, because well, there isn’t a better x-plat tool out there. For single platform development, you can (not will) get more platform native apps using the tools provided by the OS vendor. Sometimes an OS vendor will design new features or functions for their own tools specifically, and fail to provide any documentation on how this works to 3rd party tool vendors. So in some cases, it’s not Xojo’s fault as to why some developers have left.

I’ve also seen several developers simply give up as software development isn’t what it used to be, I’m seeing more and more independent houses struggle with lower prices and competition from VC software farms (not firms, but farms where developers are paid a pittance to clone a product).

On the note of fighting, it can be very productive if it’s done in the right way.

There are a great deal of stories where Jobs would make developers/engineers fight by actually getting down proving their idea was better. It’s rumored that this resulted in better or improved products or product features. In comparison to what my friends in Apple say goes on now, whereby if you disagree with management, you’re moved on.

But once you resort to name calling and such, you’re just expressing anger and have lost the argument.

Agreed. Competition, heated debate, banter - all great. Belittlement and browbeating, not so much.

Howdy Doody,
I just saw this post and thought I would say hi.

Been away for a year or 2 due to personal reasons. No longer developing, but thought I would pop in and say hello anyway :slight_smile:

@Richard Summers

well hello blast from the past :smiley:


It’s good to see a post from you Richard. I hope your doing well!

Im ok I guess. Nice to see the usual suspects are still around :slight_smile:

[quote=390643:@Kato Gangstad]I have been a member and PRO user since 2014 and have registered that a number of skilled xojo users have left the forum…

Alain Bailleul[/quote]

Yes, The xojo tutorials of Alain Bailleul where a great help some years ago. he post in his forum about his disapointment of Xojo. A couple of monts ago, he deleted all the Xojo related work. Since then, I still follow his work on another forum, Now he works with B4X.

I have to say, I have a Xojo Pro licence, but, I use B4X for iOS (much more powefull) WebServices and WebApps (true multithreading really makes a difference). Actually, for web apps, I use a framework developped by Alain Bailleul.

You still can follow his work on https://alwaysbusycorner.com

For what its worth, I think the participants in this forum are for the most part polite and patient with those of us who are not professional programmers. I have learned a lot from other participants and appreciate their help and guidance.

Hello Richard,

Nice to see you here again at the Xojo forums. I want to thank you again for your kind words in 2014 when my family and myself suffered a great loss. We appreciate you very much and you are a great person with a big heart.

Tendani & Chris

Hi Chris, nice to hear from you!
I’ve also had another tough time the last year or so. A sense of humour gets me through it all :slight_smile:

Hi Richard

Good to hear from you again.


[quote=390657:@Emile Schwarz] Facebook

What is that ? Something new ? Something blue ? … :wink:
(joking, of course)[/quote]

Am I the only one here who is not on Facebook?