Why could the Try not catch DatabaseException

I wanted to use try to catch DatabaseException, but this seems to be invalid.
Is there a VB-like on Error Resume Next to ignore errors?

I think I already know.
Menu->Project->Uncheck “Break on Excetpions”

And while that will disable the debugger breaking on any exception, sometimes that is too broad of a brush and you just want to skip certain known cases that slow down debugging but you want to stop elsewhere. In that case add this:

#Pragma BreakOnExceptions False


#Pragma BreakOnExceptions Default

I prefer to use Default when I want to revert back to the IDE setting instead of True because that forces it on regardless of the IDE setting.

Note that this #Pragma only applies within that method, so if near the end of the method all you need to do is set to False before code where you do NOT want the debugger to stop.

with r3.1 you could also use

Self.ExecuteSQL("insert into ..",id,UName,Passwd)

with the parameter after the query.

FWIW, if you click ion the DatabaseException link in the debugger pane, it’ll give you the actual SQL error.