Why can't I run my app?

I’m getting the message:

This copy of “RVCare Log Book.debug” has been modified and should be deleted…

How do I fix this?

At which point do you code sign it?
What os version are you on?

I’ve got this message once (in 2016r21)
I had to restart my mac to get rid of it
I suppose it’s something in the temp folders xojo can’t delete.

I think it was XCode, I had recently downloaded new version. And then when I ran my app, with AW code signing with the both setting and got the error message.

Then I proceeded to mess up AppWrapper before I realized (remembered - which is failing) I needed to re-setup Signing in XCode. ) Actually I didn’t remember, I re-read AW Help. Two cheer for Sam!

So much to remember and so little memory.

Anyway I’m able to run my app.