Why are projects slow to load?

I have just upgraded my laptop from 5000rpm hard drive to a Samsung SSD drive (system in general is much quicker) and whilst Xojo projects load a little quicker it still takes a while to load projects. I am running on Windows 8.1 64 bitwith 16gb ram, Intel i3-3110M with Duo Core at 2.40GHz. Is it normal for projects to take a while to load or with this type of spec PC should I expect better?

How long is “a while”? Are we talking, “let me check my email while it’s loading,” or, “let me run to the store to do my weekly shopping”?

Are you talking about just loading the project with Xojo already having been launched or are you including the start up time for launching Xojo. I see a fair amount of time to launch Xojo after double clicking a project that causes Xojo to launch in the process; but, once launched opening projects goes pretty quick for me.

Project loading is mostly CPU bound. Reading the data from disk is the easy part, the time is spent creating objects in memory for all your code. Items in the project load in order, which can be making loading tricky. Consider MainWindow’s Super is “CustomWindow”. In the project, MainWindow is listed before CustomWindow. This means when MainWindow is loaded, the IDE has no idea what its super is. Magic needs to happen to load each piece, then link them all together, perform sanity checks, etc.

This is just one example of all the organized mayhem that needs to happen behind the scenes when a project is loaded. So it is primarily CPU bound, not I/O bound.

It also depends on how many plugins you have.

I was just talking about loaded a project after Xojo is loaded and already in memory and been in use. The time it takes to load my web project is about 45-60 seconds and the project is not that complex but does have about 90 pages and about 30 dialogs so maybe I am just be impatient!! I think I probably could do with a faster processor but have not yet found a way to change it as Toshiba solder the CPU to the motherboard. I am also finding switching tabs takes about 10-15 second the first time you switch which I guess is down to CPU again as I have loads of memory free etc. I have reduced my plugins to just the 4 I use so that seems to help when Xojo loads for the first time but does not make much difference to the project load time.