who is using mbs chart controls..

could show me final demo and benchmark? I am compare and considering… with teechart ,stockcharts.

You could download and play with examples.
Or do you have a question?

I have been using them for a couple of years in a Web App.

For me they work well and I can get a fairly complex graph easily. I have one double line graph and I put a vertical label on the horizontal axis for a specific event with a few words that correspond to the event. The options to do similar custom “stuff” makes this a better way to draw graphs than some other solutions that are not as flexible.

I even have a mobile version of one Web App and these chart controls work just fine.

This is not the cheapest solution but maybe one of the most flexible and versatile.

[quote=282106:@Christian Schmitz]You could download and play with examples.
Or do you have a question?[/quote]

I run the demo : Finance chart track Line
and the windows is flicker so much …

I wrote this ages ago, it is much updated since:

I’ve updated the project here for tracking.
Now draws picture in paint event, no erase background and using invalidate.

We use ChartDirector extensively with line tracking on OS X Apps.

thanks i will try later

Example of Chart Director at work using a flattened Pie-Chart.

I really like your user interface design. (not at all on topic, but I had to tell!)

I use chart director pretty extensively. These pages are served via a web interface for the home automation software that is my day job :slight_smile: All the graphs and gauges that you see in here are generated by chart director on the server. The bottom of each one has some benchmarking written in tiny text. The first number is the time it took to generate the entire graph including all the database access that I do before even beginning passing the data to chart director. Each entry after that is the number of records in each plot line and the amount of time it took me to get the data and then plot it. The last number is the total number of records that I processed for the graph in total. It’s really quite respectable speed wise, but like anything the more work you ask it to do the longer it will take.

These are not a finished product in their current form, they are just how I serve them up to my own remote control web pages for my own system. The actual interface is completely configurable by the user, so mine tends to be a bit messy as I’m always testing new things on my own system :slight_smile: