Who else is into geocaching?

At the beginning of this year, my wife and I got into this new nerd hobby: Geocaching.
We live in the countryside of The Netherlands. We do a lot of cycling and hiking. What else is there to do over there? A colleague of my wife introduced us to Geocaching.
Nowadays it became, kind of, an addiction. When I work abroad the GC app opens to see what caches hide around.
It usually gets me in yet another adventure, especially going out with some colleagues helping me to find some GPS treasures :slight_smile:

I used to do it years ago when my kids were young. Any excuse to get outdoors and away from the electronics. It is a lot of fun. I think the most interesting cache had a Homer Simpson figurine that had come from Northern California all the way to the east coast (Massachusetts). Logging on and reading his former, and future, travels kept us entertained for quite a while.

My son’s and I do a little. We raise and train Original Mountain Curs for squirrel hunting and competitions. We spend a lot of time in the woods in the fall and winter months. We look for caches when we can. It’s a lot of fun.

I am starting to see job postings (here in France) weeks ago, and now I know what it is :frowning: or ;), I do not know.

My Wife, Kids and I have done it in the past. It is lots of fun and a good way to explore.

I’m planning on making an app with nifty set of utilities to help with Multi’s, writing notes per cache, a formula evaluator and translator (useful when traveling abroad).
Since they are no longer accept new API program requests, I had to send them a beg mail. It sure would be useful to use their Rest API services.

Not exactly new… 15 years or so old now.
Theres one on the Space Station!

I was keen at one time because it was a good way to get out for a walk.
I find that you use up the local caches quickly, and then have to go further and further from home to get a decent round trip organised.
And I got sick of the microscopic containers that needed tweezers to get at the logs!

Yeah, and I worked with a Dutch astronaut who was actually able to log the Space Station TB!

Yeah, my girlfriend and I spent a lot of time hiking. So, why not discover new areas to hike. GC is a great way of finding new interesting areas.

I know. But it will take a while before all the caches around me are discovered. Also, because I live in two different places in The Netherlands. Besides, as a cameraman I travel a lot. And I tend to leave early and there are always caches in the area. Also, when I am done working and heading back home, there is always a nice excuse for a “potty break” and get me some of those caches :wink:
I actually got some people I work with excited to join the GC community. Haha

I hear ya. Not a great fan of those. But fortunately, I don’t see those that often.

I have set out a trail and some solo caches, avoiding the micro ones. One cache is next to my house, in a birdhouse about 10ft up in a tree. The container is inside attached to a measuring tape. By pulling a fishing line you can pull the container out of the birdhouse. When releasing the container, the measuring tape pulls the container back into the birdhouse.
Those are the caches I love. I want to make more of those.

With my phone, I filmed some nice finds wich. I edited 1-minute videos… I should make more. Since I see more creative finds.

Chain to China

Key Puzzle

Evil Cube