whither "property list behavior"

Back in RB2011 you could elevate a control sub-class’s property up to being visible in the property inspector.

By right-clicking the property in the IDE you’d get a list, and if you checked the box beside your property it was visible in the inspector and you could set it. I don’t know if this was only for controls but it was useful and also didn’t always work without closing & reloading the project.

Anyway, is it gone in the new world of Xojo?

Also, if it’s gone then someone needs to tell older projects (so to speak). In editing an older project in Xojo 2014r2 there was a boolean value set for one of my control’s properties and there was no way of seeing / changing it until I deleted the control from the layout and reapplied it. I could find it in a search, but not see or edit it.


right click on your class & see “inspector behavior”

Ah! logical, thanks.

I was clicking on the property rather than the class itself.

Still, the search behavior is confusing. I don’t know what I would suggest but when you click on the search result you see the window layout and there’s no sign of the item the search found.


Logical but not exactly intuitive. Had to google it myself.

But why can I only add properties that have a public/global scope?

Hmm, I can add properties that have a public scope but they don’t show up in the property list anyway.

Completely useless.

Since a window layout is quite literally the IDE writing code that is much like

  dim c as Control = new MarkusSpecialControl
  c.property = value

they cannot be set from code that is not part of the class or subclass itself

thats why

[quote=207592:@Markus Winter]
Completely useless.[/quote]

This is how the framework exposes control properties to you in the IDE
But since I have no idea what you’re adding TO I cant help much more

Thanks Norman, and my apologies. Seems something is wrong with my old project. Made a simple demo and it is working as expected there.