While i'm in the Christmas mood

While I am in the Christmas spirit and have had a few christmas spirits tonight so feeling rather merry, just wanted to bring a positive note to an otherwise rather negative and critical forum. Many thanks to the Xojo team, it has been a great year with massive leaps and bounds with the IDE etc. I have enjoyed the new IDE, and think the product is fantastic. Keep up the good work it is a splendid product and in a league of its own.

I agree. Great job, Xojo! Keep up the good work!

me too. loving 2013r4.1 snappier than a crocodile that’s had no sleep and has to look after 3 kids all day.

I made a decision this year to choose for Xojo, coming from Delphi. And I’m quite happy with it. To name a few:

  • an amazing, very active and powerful community with substantial participation of Xojo, Inc.
  • influence on bugfixes and new releases
  • a compact IDE
  • all source/addons/libs saved in one project file (very happy with that)
  • 4 releases a year

And yes, there are some disadvantages. Still some speed optimization needed in navigator things like drag and drop. More support for modern Windows GUI. I would love to see more 3rd party add-ons like DevExpress, or Raize Components . Raize Components add some beauty to Win32 interfaces.

I’m considering an upgrade from desktop to pro.