Which Xojo PDF

I downloaded the 2000+ page user guide a couple of weeks ago. It’s dated April 17, 2018 (2031 pages).

When I downloaded & installed Xojo 2019r1, C:\Program Files\Xojo\Xojo 2019r1\Documentation contains a user guide dated March 23, 2018 (2024 pages).

Is the 2nd guide really March 23, 2019? Or did a slightly older guide ship with 2019r1 (7 pages less)? Or does it even matter?


Wow. I’m surprised the PDF docs are that out-of-date. I assumed they were updated for each release, or at least annually. Maybe @Paul Lefebvre can offer some insight?

With the move to getting all the docs on the wiki, the PDF guide will be going away in 2019r2. The PDF that is included now is about a year old. For the latest docs, go here:


That realy is a pitty, first internet is not allways available and if it is, it’s WAY slower than accessing a pdf. Beyond that, a webpage can not be loaded on a e-reader.

The first 110 pages of the current PDF are useless anyway, so it’s a welcome change. I’m sorry you have a poor internet connection, but you could try something like Dash (or the Windows alternate) to keep a copy searchable locally.

If i am at home i have a 250 Mb download and 25 Mb upload internet connection which is seldomly down. What i meant is that i am sometimes traveling and have then no or very slow internet and then it’s very handy to have the pdf available.

At least there should be a possibility to download the whole content as a pdf. An e-reader is quite more comfortable than a monitor and perhaps someone likes to read a printed version (paper).