Which Version should I build?

Now that there is 3 versions you can build for Windows, should I be building all 3 architectures or or can you just build x86 32bit and x86 64bit? What % would be ARM?

Windows ARM is still pretty small in terms of users and not all Windows apps run on ARM. Right now one can virtualize Windows ARM on Mac M1 but my understanding is it’s easy to bump into problems with not being able to run certain apps or services, shortage of drivers, etc. I don’t know how rapidly this is being addressed. Until Windows ARM reaches virtual 100% parity with Windows X86 it is going to be, I suspect, limited to people who have it delivered to them on hardware such as the ARM Surface device. And sale of those devices is somewhat limited by the OS issues.

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To paraphrase another thread, I have a healthy sales flow.
Some months back I started recording the architecture as part of registration.
Since that time, literally none of the registrations so far have come from ARM chipped windows machines. That’s not to say they aren’t out there, but the representation is tiny compared to the obvious arrival of Apple devices.

32bit Windows apps run on ‘everything’ (including Crossover/Wine) , and right now thats all I build.

64 bit windows only work on 64 bit Windows installs (and newer Arm emulations, I hear)


Thanks Jeff

When you app checks for updates, it could send back some value for the native platform, so you can see the percentage of customers with each CPU type.

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