Which Specific Plugins are Supported on iOS?

Forgive me, if this question is obvious to others, but is there somewhere on the respective websites of MBS and Einhugur a place that shows a list of plugins and classes that are supported on iOS?

In other words, a directory or list of links that only shows classes or controls that are supported on iOS?

I know, for example, if I drill-down into the vast store of MBS documentation for CNContactStoreMBS there is a check-mark to indicate it is also supported on iOS. But CNContactPickerMBS is not. But to find these things out, a person has to sometimes do a bit of digging.

If a Xojo developer was solely interested in iOS for a project (or that’s their only license), a list that only shows iOS supported classes or controls would be really helpful.

Do such lists exist? Should they? Could they?

I guess the same questions could be asked for those only interested in Windows, macOS or Linux?

Thank you for your time :nerd_face:

We got a page for that, but I may add more links to it: iOS classes

Honestly Christian, I did try searching before posting my question.

I’m not sure what page your link comes from, but I’ve bookmarked it now.

Thank you :smiley:

Does there exist a link for all Window classes too ?

Every time I search for MBS stuff on Google, all I see are FileMaker references.

The “All” matrix page we got shows it pretty well:


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An obvious miss on my part.

Thank you Björn, nicely done and bookmarked!

You need to search on monkeybreadsoftware.net, our page for documentation!