Which Help System?

I’m running Xojo Pro 2016 R2.1
When I select help I sometimes get a window in the IDE or I get a my web browser popping up and taking me to a web site.
The help in the IDE is probably out of date.
How should I have my help setup?
I don’t care which as long as it’s the documentation that goes with my version.

The help in the IDE is what was current and valid when 2016r2.1 was released, whereas the website will have been updated with every release since then. If you want what’s valid for 2016r2.1, you should have it set to use the built-in documentation.

So if it is a configuration issue in the IDE that I’m not setting properly, then why do I end up in one set of documentation some times and another at different times?
Usually I access help via the right mouse clicking on an Method name or class in the IDE.
That or the help button on the IDE itself.
So what bothers me is why i end up in different systems at different times.

So sometimes it opens a browser and sometimes not? Or is it just that you’re seeing two different styles within the local docs?