Which do you prefer ' or // and why?

No. I’d filed a feature request for it a couple years ago, and an engineer shut it down with “select the text and use your comment shortcut.”

I translate that to “Don’t Bother Me” * with that.

  • The Beatles, written and sung by George Harrison.

Yeah, that’s a bit what their response felt like.

like chris I find it easy to overlook the opening /* and then the matching closing */

so I tend to just select a block of text & press cmd+’ to comment it

but file the feature request for multiline /* */ again and see when the compiler engineer gets to it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m fine with ‘ although REM keeps niggling at me I wonder why?

Although I would like string = to work like /* */

Var s as string =“ lost of data
More data
Even more
A long list
Maybe even some html !

my 2cents

  • I almost exclusively use //, to stay consistent across various languages
  • I too would love to see /* */ block comments… a little more difficult to manage, but not impossible (everyone else does it :slight_smile: )

For single-line notes on their own line I tend to use the apostrophe:

' Create random variable Dim x as Integer

For end-of-line notes I tend to use double-slash to make them more obvious:

Dim x as Integer // Create random variable

For multiline comment blocks I use a combination:

'// Now we're going to create a new variable. We ' won't actually use it, but it's there because this ' is an example. Dim x as Integer

I also would love to see built-in multiline comments, as I use them pretty frequently, as seen in the Animating Xojo series.

Since I need also Javascript in projects “//” is my choice .[quote=450817:@Dave S]I too would love to see /* / block comments…[/quote]
*/ would be nice to have too.

just select all the lines and press the comment editor icon (just above the editor).

What about REM?

really I just use ’ Its fast, unobtrusive, and looks better.

// is for the c wonks out there.

or – for the SQL junkies

Thats what is great about this forum… everyone can express their opinion, by chance mine is not the same

Who cares about a character in front? The colour of the commented text is way more important.

AppleScript Editor uses Italic for comments… (beside the block code characters).

Always // for me as it’s used in various different languages that I use.

// everywhere, and hoping for multiline /* */ one day

For Android, I am currently using another IDE, where // is not available, only '. That made me realize I tend to use // to stress the comment is important, whereas ’ is for less important comments.

I ended up using '// instead :wink:

About multiline, the built in block comment is very decent, I never missed /* */ I am familiar with in other languages.

I use // for documenting the source code.
The ’ I use for temporary comment and for switching source code into comment.