Where to store generic values?

My software contains a main Window. Then different Windows are open by the user depending on what he wants to do.

I got this problem, that a when checking a value in one Window from within another, then the other window open!
Maybe this is logic!? i don’t know, but it’¨s a problem.

I now have the solution… but before rewriting the software, I share my thoughts with you!
I think it’s better to store generic values in the “app” folder itself!

Then, these data is by no exception possible to use from all Windows without any hazel!
But then, maybe there are other things that will show…??

Any comments on this!?

If you need properties that are global in that way it’s simpler to create a module(maybe name it Globals) and put your properties in there. Don’t forget to set their scope to global.

Properties put in the app class can’t have a global scope, only public hence they need to be referenced using App.varName.

Thank you!
Yes, that makes sense, since they belong to the whole application, not a specific Window or… Yes.
I used Modules earlier but it was a long time ago!

That is due to Implicit Instance being on in each window. If you don’t want to rewrite your entire app, you can uncheck the Visible property of each window in the IDE so they will be automatically instantiated, but not shown. It’s not optimal, but it could get you by in a pinch. If you have the time, of course, it would be better to move the properties to a module.