Where to save a setting [Your opinion, please!]

This is going to sound like a horrible plug for Answers, but honestly I need your help/opinion on functionality.
I mean, I’m usually the first guy to jump on someone for terrible UX so you know I really am stuck :stuck_out_tongue:

In Answers, when you’re editing an entry on the bottom right you see a popup that lets you change whether you edit HTML or Rich Text. It’s disabled in the current version because I hadn’t sorted that out yet. Now, with HTML Edit I can finally put rich text editing into Answers (which was the original reason I created HTML Edit.)

So now I’m thinking, where should I save the Rich Text / HTML edit setting?
Should I save it document level or app level?
Should I save it per view? (keeping Landing Page, Entries, and Categories separate)
Should I save it per entry? (entry 1 would keep it’s setting different from entry 2)
Should they all share one setting? (I’m really thinking no to this one)

Please! Share your opinion!
Cast a vote, tell me your thoughts, this is your chance to tell me how to UX properly.

Thanks in advance, any help is appreciated!

I would have a default setting in my app’s preferences. Plus a per entry setting seeing as, at this point, you’re editing an entry.

I shall counter your questions with… questions…

Would it make sense for the user to be able to use one method for one field and a different one for t’other?

Have you asked your significant other to use the application?

I personally would imagine (not having tested Answers) that, for someone like myself, I’d probably start editing in Rich Text (as that’s easier right) and then, only if I needed to poke at the raw HTML would I switch to raw HTML (or am I missing the point?).

The answer to your first question is yes, for the reason you think toward the end of your post. They’re all separate locations in both the app and output files. The only time one should really be tinkering in the raw HTML is if you needed something very specific. Does this mean I shouldn’t save the selection to try to encourage Rich Text editing?

The answer to your second is, no I have not.

I wouldn’t say that either… Ha!

To expand the train of thought I had earlier, start with the easiest solution (Rich Text), have an option next to the field to edit RAW HTML, and store that setting with the answer (or locally with a reference to that answer). This way, when the user returns to edit that particular field for that particular answer, it will still be in RAW HTML, if they left it in RAW HTML.

If you want to learn how to make your UI easier to use, always ask your significant other (unless they’re a programmer). Try not to get hurt when they yell at you because something doesn’t work the way they think! However it really helps to simplify user interfaces.

Edit: Updated for PC compatibility :wink: