Where to put a dll

In the past, I have always put a dll in the folder along side of the xojo binary file. But today I installed 2015r2 on my backup machine and it could not find the dll.

Checking the fourim, a post from Norman Palardy on 23 Jul 2013 said any of these is Ok:

"DLL load path used by Xojo is

The directory from which the application loaded.
The directory specified by the “MyApplication Libs” or “Libs” folder
The system directory. Use the GetSystemDirectory function to get the path of this directory. The name of this directory is System32.
The 16-bit system directory. There is no function that obtains the path of this directory, but it is searched. The name of this directory is System.
The Windows directory. Use the GetWindowsDirectory function to get the path of this directory.
The directories that are listed in the PATH environment variable.
Only #2 is unique to Xojo and the rest is normal Windows behavior"

Isn’t “directory from which the application loaded” the same as where the binary is? Has something changed? What is needed now?

Does anyone have similar experience with 2015 r2 or ideas that they can share?

Here is the situation:

My development machine is acting strange.

So I have been trying to get the backup, up to now on Real Basic for the older programs I have not yet converted, up on XoJo in preparation for the service man who is coming tomorrow to look at the development machine.

The last time the development machine went down ( a Mac Pro running Windows 7 under Boot Camp, just like the backup), I lost it for 6 weeks! Hence the my concern for the backup.


I’m loading external DLL’s in 2015r2 just fine from my application directory and the “My Application Libs” folder. Can you post the error you are getting?

Did You out in a 64Bit Library?
Or does this dll have dependencies which are not fulfilled?

Can you be sure it’s not because of a possible malware infection?