Where to host public domain Xojo Project

I have a small Xojo Project which I’d like to make public (100% freeware, open source, public domain, etc.)

I’m more of a SVN guy, and I host my own domains, but I’m wondering if GitHub or something similar would be better?

This project is small enough that I don’t expect it would expand much, but possibly need some OS updates over the next years…


GitHub is definitely the hot place to host open source projects right now.

Thanks, Paul - as opposed to “hot” i’m also interested in the “cold storage” approach, e.g. something which will be around in 5, 10, or 100 years. Hard to predict, no?

In Computing years, 10 years is the equivalent of a century. But I think we can count on Git being around.

That said, who could have predicted in the neneties that AOL would become so small, and Compuserve all but disappear ?

Yeah, who can predict? 10 years ago SourceForge and Google Code were popular, but both seem to be hardly used now.

I use BitBucket over GitHub but either are good.