Where to fill in license code?

I’m obviously just getting started, and I was wondering- I have a license code but I don’t know where to put it or what to do with it. Help?

I’m assuming you have an activation code. If so, you redeem it here: https://xojo.com/redeem/

Once you do so, your account gets assigned a license. Signing into the IDE will automatically download your license. Xojo does not use serial numbers.

How do I sign in to the IDE?

It is under Help in the drop down menu in Xojo.

On OS X, select Xojo->Sign In from the menu.

I purchased Xojo Desktop. I entered the activation code which the Xojo website received w/o complaint. After I downloaded Xojo Desktop and installed it, I signed into it as recommended above.

I was able to create and run a very simple application, but it won’t let me save the application, saying that I need to purchase a license. I was under the belief that the license was included in the promotion; am I mistaken? Or am I doing something wrong?

You need to download your license to Xojo after signing in.

Download (OS X): Xojo >> License Keys >> Download. I think you need to restart Xojo, however, if not it’s best to. Restarting gets rid of that “Buy Xojo” button.

For Win/Linux, I’m assuming it’s located under Tools >> License Keys. (Correct me if I’m wrong)

I thought it was just a matter of selecting Help->Sign in & once done the IDE was activated - although if you’ve activated enough times you do need to deactivate other devices.

But I do think that with this bundle deal a link to a video tutorial is a pre-requisite of the process.

I was having problems with the for a few monuments but after fiddling around with the Xojo website and IDE a little bit, I managed to get my Xojo copy licensed. What I did was I doubly made sure I was signed in, I entered the license key and I went to Help > License Keys > Download, and it worked. There is probably more steps but that it is all I can remember doing from yesterday. I did not have to download a .xojo_license file but it must have been tied to my account so try signing in from the IDE as well as the website.

Congratulations Oliver. Now you will be able to build :slight_smile:

Thank you all so much! I got signed in.

Hi guys.
I’m having a problem.
I used to be able to build the app but now when I click on the “build” button a window pops up are asking me for a license key which I already have. I doubled checked and I have two computers which have this license key “on” (and on auto renew)

that’s the window that pops up :
You need a build license in order to build this app blablabla.
This project requires a iOS license in order to build. If you have a current Xojo license please Sign In below to download your key. Sign in using the same username you use at xojo.com and on the forums. Your keys will be downloaded automatically. If you do not see your license key after signing in, please email custserv@xojo.com for more specific help.

And when I click on signing in they send me to xojo website…

The only thing that i “changed” was to move back to France… but I doubt this could be the problem…

I hope that I am on the correct thread here.

Imac 27" 2012 10.12.4 xojo 4.1

If you are having trouble activating on a machine, first check that you are Signed Into the Xojo IDE and your license key is visible in the Xojo License Key window.

When you open the License Key Window in Xojo do you see your license listed there?

Yes -> Then make sure your build settings aren’t set to build for a platform your license doesn’t support. (like trying to build for iOS or Web with a Desktop or Lite license.) Also, make sure you aren’t trying to access a feature your license doesn’t include, like linking to a database other than SQLite with a Xojo Lite license.

No -> Sign In to Xojo with the Xojo username and password you used when you purchased. If you can’t download your license to the Xojo IDE, go to your license key page at the Xojo website and verify you haven’t used all your activations already. Click the 'x" next to a machine to deactivate your license from that machine. This frees up an activation for a new machine. Then, Sign In to the Xojo IDE on the new machine to activate your license there. Make sure to use the same Xojo ID that you used when you purchased. Remember, Xojo Lite licenses allow for 1 activation at a time, Xojo Desktop, Web & iOS licenses allow for 2 and Xojo Pro and Enterprise allow for 3.

I have sorted it ! 20 seconds after I sent that question !! Cheers !
Not exactly sure how I did but I downloaded the license key and opened the file that it created and I followed the steps (xojo crashed on me at first) and now it’s all good.

It built my app (It created two files but not the .ipa) i’m going to look around the forum for that one.

Thanks again