Where to add startup parameters to CubeSQLServer?

We want to connect to a CubeSQLServer on a SSL encrypted connection.

I have created a SSL certificate, following these instructions by Roth Soft AG:

Now it says:

Use following startup parameters for cubesql binary:

Full-Path to certificate file:     -m /full/path/to/cubesql.pem 
Allow only SSL connections:        -q
Allow only TLS1.0 and above:       -k 1
Define 2048 bit for DH parameters: -j 2048

Manually, I will use these commands for start and stop:

sudo systemctl stop  cubesql.service
sudo systemctl start  cubesql.service

So cubesql runs as a service on our linux box, and I did find these two files:


I’m not clear how or where I could add those parameters listed above.

Does anyone know how to do this?

You would need to add the parameters to the command in the cubesql.service file. You should see a line ExecStart= which is the command that the service runs.

ExecStart=/opt/cubesql/cubesql &

Thanks Tim! Do you know what this ampersand is standing for?

when a command line ends with the &, the shell does not wait for the command to finish. You will get your shell prompt back while the command executes in the background.

It’s a quick-n-dirty way to start a process in the background. As far as I’m understand it, you wouldn’t actually want that for a service since systemd can log output.


Hm … Cubesql server is starting with the parameters, and the I fail to connect with Cubesql Admin tool from Mac, using the Ssl option. (It connects when using SHA256).

I‘m stuck right now… (We have a CubeSql database maintained from macOS Xojo desktop. clients)

The goal is to write to this database from Wordpress using PHP. This works when not using SSL. But we need encryption to go public.

Testing SSL shows this: