Where is the Xojo version comparison?

Where is the Xojo version comparison page that they had back in the Realbasic days? If I go to Xojo.com, there is no comparison chart to show the differences between the Pro, desktop and Web versions.

it’s simple: Pro = Desktop + Web + Database + Console + Beta + Referrals.

Actually the shop tells you

Xojo Pro

Includes a single license for Desktop, Web, Database Access and Console. Save $300 on your license and get all of the following benefits for free: Priority support via phone and email, guaranteed access to Xojo Beta Program, membership in a special Xojo Pro-only forum, 3x Feedback multiplier when ranking cases, and you will receive consulting leads. In addition, your Xojo Pro license will work on up to 3 machines.

https://xojo.com/store/index.php?lang=en ?