where is the menubar on windows os ?

Hi folks.

I made some apps mainly for macos. they work well. with multiple windows, databases, etc.
I’m trying to compile for windows OS.
everything quite working ok, the multiple windows, editing records, etc.
but I have no menubar !
what did I miss ?


Make sure you have selected a menu bar in Inspector -> Appearance -> MenuBar.
MacOS works fine if there is no menu bar chosen, but Windows requires that a menu bar is selected.

the menubar1 is selected in the inspector.
just wondering, where should the menubar be ?
as I have multiple windows I open dynamically, windows doesn’t have a main menubar on top of the screen like macos.
how do I choose the window where I want the menubar to be ?

In Windows the menu bar is in a window… not on top of the screen…

Like in nearly all Linux flavors, the MenuBar can be in the displayed window (if you click/set one to that window); I forgot its name (Ubuntu ?), but one Linux flavor have a macOS like MenuBar on top of the sceen.

That’s the menubar in Windows apps.

as I open windows dynamically, one window per database record or so,
how can I specify the menubar to be on another window ?
or should it be on every window my app opens ?

In the Property Pane, (Menus -> MenuBar --> MainMenuBar par exemple)

It should be where you need it.

found it. the problem was effectively in the menubar … of the window.
sorry @Paul Sondervan I only checked the app menubar !
also I had to check MDI compil flag for windows.
now it’s almost OK for my windows version.
thanks everyone.