where is the best event to put the code to size the window?

I want to programmatically size and locate windows. not a big deal. Now some of these windows are implicit instances and some are not. So what event is the best place to put the:

self.width = 600 self.height = 400 self.left = 137 self.top = 97

type of code?

An Event suppose you react to a message.

In your case, you are sending a message.

So there is no ‘best place’ to put your message. Just send it from anywhere and you will be fine.

Now, choosing the actual place depend on what you want the user to see or experience. For instance, if you open a Window for the first time to the user and you don’t want him to see the Window actually move or resize, then put your message into the Open event. If the Window is already open, well, it does not matter where you place it.