Where is Real Studio's document ?

Where is Real Studio’s document ?

Or if you are using an older version of Xojo/RealStudio than you will need to switch your preferences to use the Offline documentation…

Hello Shao, Thank you for your reply.

I have an old Real Studio, but I don’t have documents in local.

I can’t find old documens in online site.

Old documentation is not online. You can view the local copies of the documentation for your version by going to Preferences and changing the setting to “Use local documentation” (or something similar).

Depending on how old the version of Real Studio / Real Basic is

Hello Paul, Thank you for your reply.

My Real Studio is 2012 R2.1.

I didn’t know there was a preference like this. I was successfuly able to see the docmuents which I wanted to know.

Thank you very much !!