Where is my main window ?

I can see my application main window when I press Alt+Tab, but I am not able to display it. *

I can try to run the application once more… I get it.

I fired my application,
Choose to import a csv file,
The file is read (I can see it in the main window when the data are read),
The application resize / relocate the window (is meant to center the window),
Then the window disappears (I think it goes out of the Monitor (single monitor PC).

An idea ?

  • Now, I have two times my same application (this is new to me under Windows 10).

I know what happens: the window is outside of my main (and only) monitor, where I usually have the external monitor where I watch TV. Strange.

Same apply to the project run in the Xojo 2016r3 IDE. Now I will get an eye on the code that center the window.

Xojo IDE crashed after I put a MsgBox in the #Else (Windows part) to display the window Left and Top.

In my Full HD monitor, Self.Left = 1280: I now understand why I do not saw my window. OK: I will use:

Self.Left = 10