Where is in the documentation the ColorPicker Control?

The subject says all:

I searched fo ColorPicker, then ColorPicker Control, then… ad nauseam.

At last, I found a project in the 2022r2 Examples folder.

But an entry in the documentation is a good idea for Newbies as none asked for that since the last time I do that (in early October 2021; I forgot why, but I still have the “demo project” I made then).

“Emile: this is Xojo.”
“I know, but this is the new documentation, and it have been improved three days ago…”

Is this what you are looking for?


No. This AFAIK do not works.

The ColorPïcker Control: you double-click in it (or drag it to the window). The example is here:

Fortunately, I already had the Properties; unfortunately I had the Canvases. I had to Copy(from the example) / Paste the 3 Events to all Canvas’ (MouseDown, MouseUp, Paint), change the Colour Properties, change the Canvas Name, correct all errors I’ve done changing the code, and understand I do not have to close and click in another Canvas to change its colour.

The colour change is live, the Color Picker closed by itself (or I do not saw where it is closed in the example.

Now I need a rest, I lost my brain while doing that.

But with the example from 2022r2, I was able to do that (I choosed colours, no tasteful colours…):

Fortunately (bis) I used “random” colours that let me see that I need to add a second Text colour: one for the image Header, one for the Main Header (look at the top of the image: Background Header and Background Main): the light color I used for Text was nearly invisible for Main part of the Picture (not displayed here).
There are some missing Black rectangles around some Canvas’…

Yes, time for a rest.

Search for “color picker” in the documentation.



Read my lips (and watch the screen shot below):

I asked the documentation for the ColorPicker Control.

That control icon looks like:

Was in Xojo 2021r2.1.

And look at the example (screen shots above)…

or simply try your advice and cry…

Search for DesktopColorPicker, pretty sure it was the first of the new API2 controls. I don’t think there is an API1 equivalent.

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There was not an API 1 equivalent. I remember creating one using a bevel button and drawing it’s icon in code to show the currently chose chosen color, years ago.


I do not asked an API1 “equivalent”.

I searched in the built-in documentation of Xojo 2021r2.1 because I use this Control there.

And ColorPicker in the Documentation returns nothing (no redirection to DesktopColorPicker).

Else, I would not asked.

OK, found it here:

Read the link… (for the Xojo version)…

Yes, I’ve reported it: