Where is Example code for video Web App Database?

I haven’t done a web app before and am trying to work through the example for the YouTube Xojo Web App Database Tutorial: SQLite.

Well I keyed in all the code for the preceding video example and it didn’t really add to my understanding. But where is all the code for the very important SQLite Tutorial? I can’t find it anywhere in The Documentation. There are a number of important Methods including a Constructor for the TaskDB class.

Are we supposed to keep pausing the YouTube video and manually typing all the code into our web pages? It’s not a very good use of anyone’s time and it would be much better to have the text available to cut and paste so we can study it properly.


The project you are looking for is probably in:
Examples → Databases → Supported Engines → SQLite and is named SQLite (Web)

Thanks Paul, there are some useful pages in there I have already looked at and they will help me. But I can’t find anything that relates specifically to the video I was watching, which is a continuation of the first getting_started example of the Task Manager. The second instalment goes on to show how a database can be built to store the Task Manager data entered by multiple users in an online database.

It’s easy to see how to add the required extra label, text field and button without guidance but there are several new Methods, including a database Constructor, and it would be very handy to be able to cut and paste the code and comments of these.

LiveText it (if you have a macOS/Ventura M1…) ?

Are you talking about this video: Xojo Web App Database Tutorial: SQLite Task Manager - YouTube

There is a link to a google drive with the sample, you need to click “Show More” on the video notes.

If it is a different video, try to see if the video notes on YouTube have a link to the sample, if not, then you can create an Issue in Xojo.com/issues where you can say that video X has no example code on the notes (or the link is not working).


Yes Alberto, that’s the one. Many thanks for that - the link was pretty well hidden. Why didn’t they just put in in an examples folder? Anyway I have now downloaded the project and can get on with it. Cheers

Thanks too, Emile. Not necessary fortunately!

I’m glad I was able to help.

I think the videos offer extra information and the idea is to have a set of fixed samples ship with Xojo, and the videos offer more information than their own examples are needed.

Maybe a good idea will be for Xojo to comment in the video if they have code for it that can be downloaded from the Video notes and/or add a link to the video in an overlay or something.

Your answer was really inconsiderate of the actual problem and prone to errors. I have been told by a moderator their job is not about response quality, so it’s on other community members to point out bad suggestions like yours.

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I feel I should point out that Alberto’s first answer did help me to find the code I was looking for and I am grateful for that. I’m not qualified to comment on his other suggestion, but the more information available for users who are struggling the better, in my view.