Where is everyone?

Currently in Homer, Alaska. About a six hour drive to my home in Palmer.

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IS there Internet in Alaska? How are the ice storms out there? Whenever I see that state mentioned, I think of the brutal stories of how planes can only fly for brief periods of time due to severe winter storms.

Hey, how’s the cost of living out there? I’ve wondered about how expensive it would be to buy a residence over there… not sure about the job market :thinking:

Plenty of internet up here. High speed is available in the metro areas. It becomes a little flakier in remote areas. Choices are fewer than lower 48 and more expensive.

I do a lot of flying around Alaska for work. Deicing planes is just part of the drill. Alaska Airlines is great to fly with up here. Flying to some of the more remote parts can be more adventurous. Always a joy to get to the checkin counter and asked how much you weigh.

Cost of living is higher up here. Having an oil base economy, you would think gas would be cheap. We have no real refining up here so gas is shipped in at a price premium. For internet, I pay $100 a month for a 10Mb DSL connection. Cellular is par with down south.

Housing is expensive in metro areas, Juneau among the worst. Get out of the city and it gets cheaper. Rural Alaska, housing can get pretty cheap albeit rustic. You may not have utilities and heating can get spendy. But you can dig a hole in the woods for an outhouse.

First time I ever used Xojo, it was called CrossBasic.


Wow, I know Xojo from the former RealBASIC days. I bought my first license a few years before it switched over to Xojo.

so am i, i start using RealBasic back in 2005

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I started to use REALbasic in 2002. :slightly_smiling_face:

Den Haag (The Hague), Netherlands.

Truro, Cornwall, in the UK.

Athens, Greece. Have been using Xojo within the company I work for since 2013. Fell in love with its…RADness but I’m facing resistance from upper management. Generally, mainstream professional developers are very unwilling to work with Xojo and that freaks them out big time.
Any non-freelance Xojo developers in Athens? :slight_smile:

Tours (Loire valley) in France

Birmingham, Alabama (USA)

Luxembourg, 8km from the Belgium border. I use Xojo since Realbasic 1.0 and came from programming with 4D.

Hi Amy, Sydney is an expensive place to live and for realestate, one of the 10 most expensive places in the world, though given the lifestyle, climate and attractions accessible to all, it’s not hard to see why. OK if you are financially secure or ahem… “independently wealthy”.

Despite what we have achieved to control COVID, the job market is very, very difficult… I advertised a vacancy recently and had 10X as many applicants as I expected - many seriously over-qualified - so I’d have say there are a lot of people looking for work at any price.

Perth, Australia, I’m Austrian born. I used Powerbuilder before, but it only runs on windows and I am a happy Mac user, so I joined Real Basic, think it was in the last year before it changed to Xojo.

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Greetings from Namibia in Southern Africa… Originally from Germany. Using it since RB… Doing some useful gadgets for myself, my hobbies and our business and some are doing ok on the App store. Although I am in programming for nearly my whole life, I am still in awe about what some people are able to do with coding and how they use Xojo… Love and light!

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Hi Graeme here from Akaroa, New Zealand. Akaroa is about an hour’s drive from Christchurch which is the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand. It was originally a French settlement but now it is a very popular tourist spot with some very nice restaurants and bars. It is a great spot to be creative with Xojo!!

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Very close to Corvallis, Oregon, USA. About 1.5hr drive south of Portland, OR and an hour east of the Pacific Ocean. Have been using RB/Xojo since RB0.9, mostly in support of instruments that I manufacture.


James Wagner
Oregon Research Electronics

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日本横浜の前に居ます。 /nihon yokohama no mae ni imasu/ = I’m near Yokohama, Japan.

Don’t you just love a showoff?

I didn’t realise there were so many people in the UK!

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