Where is everyone?

I’m just curious where everyone is from. It’s Friday. We like to ask silly questions on Friday around here. I want to know who if the furthest away from Xojo inc!

I’m in Austin TX – so Im in dead last place.

Where are you?

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Earth. It hasn’t changed much over the years, so a map like this is still quite good to se where Xojo is used:

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we are in London UK and pretty quiet today… like everyone in weekend mode.

how long have you been using Xojo or RB or RS??

You missed the old thread here:

@Christian_Schmitz, is that red dot in the middle of the pacific ocean suppose to be hawaii???

what about the red dot in the indian ocean???

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Kingston upon Hull, UK - just landed another contract using Xojo so very happy today.


no idea there is another kingston in hull.
what kind of software do you write with xojo??

Heidesheim on the Rhine, south-west Germany, a bit south of Christian’s Nickenich.

Why is Austin dead?

Bespoke software for businesses in the merchanting industry - working with a timber merchant at the moment so I am developing a web service to allow them to integrate their ERP system with other solutions.


I live in the south of Paris and I work in the town next to that where our regetté Stéphanne had lived in her childhood

Jean Luc

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Ger, Bavaria, Ingoltown.
Unfortunately the same town as the home of OODI , um.

OODI? :sunglasses:

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Really cool map.
Unfortunately it doesn’t tell me who is where!

“Dead Last” Means that you were at the very end of the race. You are the very very last person. Because I’m so close to Xojo physically. Other than Geoff Perlman I’m probably the closest person to the company.

Come to the next conference. Or join a Xojo meeting in Austin. There are quite a few Xojo users:

Depends on the resolution of the map. You might not be dead last, more Zombie last … :wink:

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I’m living next door to Xojo’s baseball team, but don’t tell @Paul_Lefebvre :wink:


Marietta, GA - probs a few thousand miles away, but NOT as far away as the red dots I see in the oceans.

Sydney, Australia - and your Friday is Saturday morning here. Perfect summer day, getting ready for lunch and a swim at the beach.


San Francisco, California, USA

Been a hobbyist Realxojobasicstudio user since 2007.

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