Where is DebugLog?

If I make the call System.DebugLog(“This is an entry…”), how do I as a user access this log? The manual says “writes to StdErr” but I"m a newbie on this, how do you access this on the Pi?

Run app in Terminal and you may see the output there.

Thats what my client is doing. He doesn’t see anything. I am building it not as a console app but as a regular app.

Try it with:

System.Log System.LogLevelDebug, "my debug message"

then on the terminal:

journalctl -b | grep myappname

“-b” says "show me the log messages from the last boot, “| grep myappname” says “give me only the lines with myappname in it” each log is send from it’s “appname” so the name is already in it.

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