Where Do We Find Example Projects for Videos?

Hi all! I’m just getting started learning Xojo, and it looks like a really great tool!
There are lots of Videos on YouTube and elsewhere, but the link to the corresponding Xojo Project file doesn’t seem to work any more.

For example, this video:
Using the ListBox


However, you can’t find the Project for this video at that link.

So, Where Do We Find Example Projects for Videos?

I don’t understand why the Project download page was remove from the “Videos” page link provided in all of the YouTube videos:
That page now shows:

From Xojo Documentation
(Redirected from Videos)[/quote]

and then a list of links to the Videos. But do NOT provide a link to the example projects!!!

The ListBoxExample that is the pause-frame of the video is found at

Xojo/Example Projects/Desktop/Controls/ListBox/ListBoxExample.xojo_binary_project

You may find more examples there too, search might help you find the ones from the video.

Thanks for that reference.

Unfortuantely, I still don’t see a way to correlate an example project with a video tutorial. The project names in the Examples folder do NOT match the YouTube Video titles.