Where do I find the error text?

I get this icon on the line:

cSticker.Backdrop.Graphics.DrawPicture gSticker… etc.


Where do I read the error definition (in the debugger) ?

The code is meant to resize (down) the gSticker image and display it in the cSticker Canvas for preview.

To avoid the error I add:

cSticker.Backdrop = gSticker

Before the offending line.

Don’t know why you can’t see the error, but it’s probably a NilObjectException because cSticker.Backdrop is nil unless you set it to something.

Yes, Canvas.Backdrop is Nil by default.

I forgot this important information:
Xojo 2021 / Big Sur / m1…

I Xojo 2013, I get a red bug icon AND what the error is. I took that as an example (and that is what I get), but the question was generic.

I even tried to click / double-click in the icon…😮‍💨

A nilObjectException is always that an object on the line in the debugger is nil. You should be able to narrow down the possibilities by looking at your code and then finding that thing in the variable list.

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