Where did File Type Editor go?

Running Xoj0 2016 Release 1 under OSX 10.11.4 ElCapitan I am unable to locate the File Type Editor. Where does it hide?


Insert button -> select file type set?

Hi Wayne,

Your suggested action inserts the item “Filetypes1” In the object panel. But no editor appears, - nor from control-clicking or double-clicking this item. So how do I edit Filetypes1?


Do you see three icons on the top-left part od the window 'just above the COde Editor / Window Editor, whatever Editor) ???

You have to add a File Type by a click in icons (one of them) to get something to work with.

Does not seem very intuitive.

Else, do a screen shot and share it.

BTW: I do not have File Type Set in the Insert Button, but in the Insert MenuItem, BUT that is where I searched first !.

Hi Emile,

Thank you very much for your response. That solves the problem!