Where can we find revised user guides?

Where can we find revised user guides that contain recent changes?

In the IDE, try the Help menu and the ‘User Guide’ sub-menu.

They reflect recent changes from 10-11 june 2013?

They reflect the product as it was released. There have been no changes on 10-11 June 2013.

But that what represents?

that is changes to the docs (wiki). everytime the wiki is updated, the docs are not auto-regenerated. The docs are generated when a new release is released.

looking at that list, it looks like Paul was cleaning up old files that arent needed anymore. I am not a wiki expert nor Paul so I cant say for 100% sure.


And where is actualised documentation for Xojo, except Language Reference?



Robin told you (above) where to find the User Guides.

Yep. I’ve been removing from the wiki all the graphics used by the old User Guide and other docs that used to be in the wiki.

The doc wiki is the master location for all Xojo documentation. The front page has links to everything:


Of course, you can also access the PDFs and the wiki from Xojo using the Help menu as well.