Where can I find the standard Yosemite icons?

I’m trying to find standard Yosemite icons to use in my App.

I’m aware of


but there’s only a small portion in there.

For example, in System Preferences, there is the Energy Saver lightbulb. Or the Language & Region flag.
They aren’t in the Preferences App bundle either.
Any hints on where to look for those?

Check out my NSImageBox class on my free Xojo Components web page.

There’s a bunch of icons here:

You can use the MBS plugin, MacOSLib, Simon’s code or the RetinaKit to access them. There’s a bunch of ‘shared’ icons in a private frameworks, so Apple can use 'em but we have to use our own.

The RetinaKit also includes code for accessing some classic system icons, the ones that are left anyway.

Some of the newer icons are actually hidden in the emojis, go to “Edit” -> “Emoji & Symbols…”, theres a ton of stuff in there including many national flags (strangely not the Taiwanese one, gotta keep the gorilla happy I guess).

Last word of advice; when using system icons, do yourself a favor and don’t expect them to be there! Build in checks when loading system icons, with Yosemite Apple removed a whole bunch of classic icons (which are a dying breed anyway) without documentation and only in the GM. My app was unaware of this, nor was it expecting system icons to disappear. So after months of testing, when Yosemite is released to the public, my “Yosemite Ready” application crashed!

Thank you! That helps. :slight_smile: