Where can I find step by step examples?

Where can I find step by step example?
It would be very useful for beginners.


Where? Link for 1 step by step example please.

Also check the documentation folder inside the Xojo package. Furthermore, there’s a “Introduction to Programming with Xojo.pdf” in the download section at xojo.com, which is great.

@Alex: :-))

Ce sa va fac daca nu intelegeti in engleza? In ce limba intelegeti?
Exemplu, ba, cu link, nu poze si alte prostii.

See, English isn’t my mother tongue either. Either learn it, use Google Translate or explore the examples that come with Xojo - Learning by doing is most effective anyway IMHO. And feel free to ask questions here.

Link for example.
Get it?

Go to http://documentation.xojo.com and look at the section I marked red in my picture above.

Step by step guidet
They are not available in romanian so as suggested above, use Google Translate when you get stuck. Or ask here for help :slight_smile:

You can try http://www.bkeeney.com/XojoTraining/xojotraining.cgi. I’ve got just under 2 hours of Xojo only material and 40 hours of Real Studio training that is mostly applicable to Xojo.