Where are the older Plugin SDKs?

In order to make a plugin that works with pre-Xojo IDEs, I need the older SDK.

The 2012r2.1 dmg does not include the SDK, though. Nor does the “Archived Versions” download page offer older SDKs.

Or, how can I modify Xojo’s SDK to let me make Controls that work in 2012 IDEs? Because, with the Xojo SDK, I get an error msg about incompatible versions when using it in the 2012r2.1 IDE.

I would like to know too. TIA

You could download RS 2012 where it should be included.

The reason it complains is kCurrentREALControlVersion define.
This is 10 for RS 2012, but 12 for Xojo 2013r3.

i got plugin sdk from Real Studio 2011 Release 4.3, Thomas