Where are people?

Hey guys.

Just back from playing 5 hours straight at the Bellagio (on top of the hour this morning). Need a shower to freshen up - then want to catchup with people.

Where’s the action?

Hey Pat, I suspect you might not have been getting our texts. Give us a shout if you want to join us this morning.

I’m going to hang out by the pool and do some work, if anyone wants to say hi.

Muppet here forgot to get his phone activated for USA!

All in I played about 6 Hours poker yesterday, will be looking for another game shortly!

You might have a problem if… :slight_smile:

What problem? I won the daily deep stack at the Bellagio yesterday! I’ll be going home with more money than I started with :slight_smile:

In that case, I’ll stop trying to text you :wink:

Well done with the poker tournament! The first round’s on you… :wink: